Maths Workshop

Teaching of Mathematics in India

SRI VIDHYA ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL had recently organized a Workshop on Teaching of Mathematics in India. The teachers and learners of class X to XII participated in a three days workshop given by Dr. GURCHARAN SINGH BHALLA, an eminent academician and scholar from the Bronx Community College of the City University of New York.

Dr. Bhalla is a doctorate from the Columbia University in New York. He is a professor in the Bronx Community College in New York in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science since 1991.

Here, in Sri Vidhya Academy, Dr. Bhalla avidly covered all the aspects of the History of Mathematics. He listed out the work and achievements of ancient mathematics. He gave interesting problems in equations, chess, numbers and depicted some case histories on the life of ancient mathematicians. The teachers and the students were given an insight into the mathematical link with nature. He touched upon Vedic Maths, Pythagorean triplets, cyclic quadrilaterals and ways to solve mathematical puzzles. He highlighted the various methods of teaching mathematics and areas of motivation for all learners. He had approached everyone to take advantage of technological advancements to bring the world closer. He wanted active participation from everyone to bring out some journals in mathematics. Finally, the three day workshop ended with a positive note about encouraging young minds to become mathematicians of the future.

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