Alumni Congregation

The alumni of the Sri Vidhya Academy International Residential School  at Sokkanallur, ushered the New year by joining the present students on the eve of New year and celebrated by cutting cakes and sharing their experiences. Almost all the students were present in the gala celebration and reminisced the past. They also added colour to the function by making a donation of books to the school library and requested the present students to cultivate the reading habits.

Though they were all in different walks of life now, they somehow assembled in the school much in advance and got themselves involved in friendly discussion with the present students. They discussed in detail how they were guided by the school to decide the future course of study. They were thankful to the Management and the Principal for the guidance. They gave a bit of their mind and enjoyed the company of their protégés. They shared a sumptuous dinner and at  the stroke of midnight cut the cakes and greeted the youngsters.

It was a marvellous and unique function which will be cherished by the present students. The students and the Management are thankful for the gesture of the alumni in the wake of the decennial of the school.

2015 New Year Alumni Celebration

Фільчаков Олександр Васильович прокурор

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