A metaphor for heavenly paradise

Sri Vidhya Academy – A metaphor for heavenly paradise

Today’s children are our tomorrow’s future. A quality and standard education along with extra-added skills of art will help them to thrive in this competitive world and shine out in the crowd. Grooming the children with these qualities will make them a bright leader for our great future.

How many of you have dreamed of seeing your child as future leaders?

After all, dreams are meant to be realised. It is not far from your reach. Sri Vidhya Academy International Residential School (SVAIRS) will help you reach your dream. Spread over a vast 20 acre land just 13 km away from Porur, lies this heaven on earth.

The entrance made of green meadows (which was kept as a base model for the design of Semmozhi Poonga’s entrance) gives you the feel of nature. On entering this meadow, one can have a lifetime experience of walking through sparkling sights of artificial water spring; variety of colourful fishes; huge trees spread over a stretch making one walk in  shade throughout; the glimpse of ducks, pigeons, turkey, parrot and many other birds swirling, leaping and spreading their joy of freedom; race tracks with herbal flora on either sides; and swimming pool equipped with all safety features.

Delicious foods that leave your taste buds tingling are served with complete hygiene and cleanliness for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with separate utensils for cooking vegetarian foods. The accommodation with air conditioning facilities separately for both boys and girls makes you feel home away from home.

Apart from English, the linguistic skills of students are developed by gaining the knowledge from learning variety of languages like Spanish, French, Hindi and many other languages.

The enhancement of language skills is accomplished through BBC certified laboratories and a vast ocean of library.

A metaphor for heavenly paradise
A metaphor for heavenly paradise

The school has associated with the “International Award from Young People” with a view to provide motivational training and counseling that helps students in handling challenging situations through self-confidence and determination.

Rather than following the traditional method of teaching the kids by making them glued to their seats, teaching is made interesting and enjoyable to Pre-KG, LKG, UKG kids through puppet shows, games and sight-seeing. The kids receive motherly care from teaching and non-teaching staff.

“Send your child to us. We will mold them into a bright student eligible for a successful professional carrier. All these qualities will be imbibed by students without enforcing any strict rules and regulations, which might hinder their thought process and freedom,” says the Chairman, Dr. Nanjil R. Kennedy.

Social and task commitment skills are developed by giving prime importance to extra-curricular activities. Infrastructure for chess, carom, table tennis and many other indoor games trigger the interest among students. Children are provided with separate playgrounds for basketball, football, kabbadi, hockey, cricket and many other outdoor games. Skating and horse riding adds to the specialty.

To kindle the interest among students in different form of art, special training is given in drawing, music and dance. Apart from the most experienced faculty members, guest lecturers provide training and guidance to students preparing for GRE, TOFEL and IIT examination.


Unlike any other schools, the concept of agricultural science is also nurtured. Students get the opportunity to consume fresh vegetables that are being cultivated in the premises. Paddy cultivation is also being initiated. Powerful telescopes as in planetarium are also available to study about astronomy.

Every student has the freedom to worship their own religion. The presence of Ganesha temple inside the premises, mass prayer meeting for Christian students and separate prayer room and early morning meal preparation for Islamic students during the holy month of Ramzan symbolizes the school’s initiative to practice “Unity in Diversity”.

Students residing in hostel can chat with their parents through video conferencing. There are also comfortable rooms for parents who come to visit their children.

Apart from all the luxuries provided, prime importance is given to the quality and standard of education. SVAIRS is the first to introduce a school with Cambridge syllabus in Chennai. The school is listed among Asia’s top schools with Cambridge curriculum. Recognizing the quality and standard of education, Cambridge University management has awarded the certificate of appreciation to SVAIRS.


Pursuing higher studies abroad is a growing trend among students. To study abroad, students need to qualify by scoring high marks in IELTS examination. But a student studying in SVAIRS with a Cambridge syllabus need not take up these exams.
Students willing to change over to CBSE/ State board after their tenth standard were made to wait for a year as the results were declared by the month of August. This issue has been resolved as the Cambridge University results are now declared along with the CBSE/ State board results.

Those desiring for international standard of education can get their children enrolled for Cambridge curriculum in SVAIRS. The school has a continuous record of producing A Star results, which is equivalent to 95%. SVAIRS is also offering CBSE standard of education with a record of 100% pass percentage.

As the school management strictly focuses on individual attention to every student, the intake of student is very limited. Admissions are open for KG to twelfth standard as a new floor has been built up to accommodate new students.

“As the admissions are limited, those desired hurry up to avoid last minute disappointments” says the Chairman.
Apart from the yearly boarding system, SVAIRS also provides weekly boarding system to facilitate the students to spend time at home during weekend. Working parents deciding to groom their children well can avail this opportunity. There are limited seats available for day-scholar admission. Everyone might have a misconception that all the above extraordinary facilities come with extravagant prices. But surprisingly, the international quality and standard of education is available at a fairly reasonable fee.

You are just a step away from experiencing the eternal bliss.  Get your child enrolled in this heavenly paradise for a better and a prosperous future of your child.

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