About us


School Philosophy

“I’ve been a student for almost thirteen years, and never did anyone ask me how I wanted a school to be.”–This can be a question among many high school students and professionals today when they gather together to articulate their ideas for what makes a good school. But here at Sri Vidhya Academy International Residential School affiliated with CBSE School and IGCSE from University of Cambridge, we give more emphasis and importance to our student groups who strive to develop and model their dream school. They work independently and find common threads

Our Purpose

Is to lead the children entering our portal on a voyage of self-discovery. We are committed to provide quality education in a stress free environment. We identify and nurture the latent creative potential in every child. We enable our students to face a competitive world with confidence and poise. Our thrust is on eternal values of fair play and justice; a life of harmony with society and environment; opening the gateway to the best of world culture and traditions; and inculcate a sense of responsibility to preserve and protect our heritage..

Among their interests and concerns:

  • The School offers CBSE Programme from LKG to Class XII
  • The curriculum is comprehensive but student driven.
  • The learning environment is safe.
  • Learning spaces are open and airy.
  • Day School, Boarding School, Residential School, Weekly Boarding Facility
  • Activities are hands on and related to real-world work.
  • An array of technology tools and access are available at all times.
  • Varied learning styles are honored.
  • Emotional and intellectual support are offered to students.

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