Campus Dining

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It is clean and spacious enough to accommodate all the students and staff together. This is where the children learn table manners. We have two separate hygienic kitchens, for cooking vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Students may opt for either. Our dining hall, kitchen and kitchenware are kept in sterile condition.

A nutritionist plans the menu, taking into account preferences expressed by student representatives, and guides the kitchen staff in preparing wholesome dishes, whose ingredients come from the school’s farm. At bedtime, they are given a glass of milk (flavored or unflavored as preferred). The kitchen is supervised by a trained supervisor round the clock.

Healthy food makes body and mind healthier, so your child will have more energy to enjoy learning and playing. We include an array of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, school time munchies, after school treats, sweets and delicious drinks.

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