Sri Vidhyans celebrating house victory
Sri Vidhyans marching with house flags

“Mountain peaks are the natural wonders”
When the physical and mental growth of the children are to be compared with respect to the heights of the peaks , we need to associate them with some of the great peaks of the world. The entire school is divided into 4 houses and named as Mt Everest, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Titlis and Mt Fujiyama. The houses are common among many other international school but the name is yet unique as the vision for these minds stays unique.

EVEREST-BLUE HOUSE Vignesh Class-X Sundari Class –IX
KILIMANJARO-RED HOUSE Deeraj Class-XI Noh Da Seul Class-XI
TITLIS-GREEN HOUSE Vyas Class-XII Preethi Monisha Class-XII
FUJIYAMA:YELLOW HOUSE Logeswaran Class-X Aishwarya Class IX

Various inter house competitions have been held in the academic year 2013-2014. Students proved their mettle in Essay writing, Oratorical, Drawing and Painting, Clay Modeling, Face painting, Quiz and rangoli along with the sport’s events. This years Sports championship was won by Kilimanjaro house.

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