Sri Vidhya Academy believes that sports enhances the abilities of the child and develop challenging spirits. In the age of television, computer and video games, school students are becoming highly inactive which consequently leads to obesity in their later life. So the school believes that sports activities should be encouraged from the very early days as sports and outdoor games play a very important part in development of a healthy and fit body. Adequate coaching and practice is given in all sports both in the morning and evening sessions. The school has Sprawling swimming pool, a modern gymnasium, lush green tennis courts, one badminton court , one Basket Ball court, Skating Rink, well equipped fields and facilities for all the major and minor games including horse riding. We also encourage anyone who is interested in Traditional Martial Arts.

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Sports Day Celebration

The school students from various sports are encouraged to participate in several state and national level tournaments and Inter House tournaments. Performance/ achievement in sports and games is also regularly graded The Annual Sports Meet is celebrated with great pomp and show every year in Sri Vidhya Academy in their School Ground. Inter House competitions of various track and field activities are held at regular sessions.

The day long programme comprises of the march past, drill and aerobics display by the primary and the secondary students. In track and field events, students of all the classes participate in various events like the frog race, caterpillar race, garlanding the partner race, skipping race, 100m, 200m, 4X100 relay race, three legged race, obstacle race, tug of war, etc. There are special events organized every year for the parents, guardians.

The swimming pool is near the tracks, where field events take place. The fertile soil nourishes the fresh vegetables and fruits which are hybrid.

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